Certified Partner Program

The world of conversation design is growing. All over the world, copywriters, UX-designers and consultants are eager to develop capabilities to make chatbots and voice assistants more helpful, natural and persuasive.

That’s why we are inviting you to join the Robocopy community by becoming certified trainer or agency.

Robocopy Certified Trainer

Become a certified trainer and start training future conversation designers in your local market. You will participate in our Conversation Design Trainer Bootcamp and learn how to train and coach future conversation designers. You will spend 24 hours in an onsite training and the remaining 24 hours will be spend online, following our self-study courses and getting feedback.

What we offer after your certification

  • Continuously updated workshop materials
  • Annual training to maintain your leading position
  • Access to our network of clients
  • Certified Trainer badge to display on all your communication channels


  • Experience in conversation design for chatbots and/or voice assistants
  • Experience in giving professional workshops and training
  • Fluent in English next to your native tongue
  • Independent/self employed

For more information, contact olaf@robocopy.io

Robocopy Certified Agency

Are you an agency looking to add conversation design to your portfolio? Why not join the Robocopy network and become a certified partner in your region.


As a partner you will get

  • Full access to our complete online curriculum
  • Exclusive webinars
  • In company training
  • Ongoing expert support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Access to our sales network
  • Certified Partner badge to display on all your communication channels

For more information, contact olaf@robocopy.io for more information.

The Robocopy partnership has enabled us to become the market leader in providing expert conversation designers.

Maarten Fokkelman, CEO Crossphase, a Robocopy Certified Agency

It's awesome to learn about designing the conversations of the future - right now.

Jasper Klimbie, Conversation Designer Google Assistant

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