Training and certification
for conversation designers

Training and certification for Conversation Designers

Robocopy is the world’s leading training and certification institute for conversation design. With our proven and recognised methodology, you will quickly become the best conversation designer you can be.

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Conversation Designer Bundle

Master the Conversation Design Process and science of natural conversation.

Conversational Expert Bundle

Elevate conversations with personality, psychology, and process.


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This design methodology has proven itself to the largest brands and is implemented by teams around the world. With this subscription, you will have access to all course materials of the Conversational Academy. All materials will be at your disposal 24/7 so you will always find the answer to your conversation design questions when you need it.

Conversational Academy Library

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Robocopy is moving the industry forward in terms of conversation design

Vittorio Banfi, Founder Botsociety

Discover the skills of the conversational team

Our step by step methodology can be mastered and certified on. However, there are many skills involved to implement it successfully. Some more technical, some more creative. Below you find an overview which certificate relates to which step in the Conversation Design Process.

Conversation Designer

The Conversation Designer follows the Robocopy Conversation Design Process, creates sample dialogue and flowcharts, conducts user research (when needed) and validates design through Wizard of Oz testing.

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Conversational Expert

The Conversational Expert is the expert copywriter that focuses on bot personality, tone of voice, and psychology. They also drive strategy and help with use case selection.

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AI Trainer - Coming Soon

The AI trainer is responsible for intent scoping, implementing dialogues, analyzing data, and running AB-tests. The AI trainer adds workload to the backlog of the Conversation Designer.